After a long and difficult year and a half of working from home, employees all around the United States are starting to receive notice about coming back to the office. And for some, it’s the least-hoped email of all. Before saying goodbye to our beloved sweatpants and furry friends, it’s important to remember what we’ve learned over the year and practice what we preach: self-care and personal wellbeing should remain a priority.


One of the first things that will inevitably change once you return to your desk is your routine. Your commute will no longer be bed-desk-couch, and your alarm will be going off much earlier. To help to adjust to this new, faster way of life, you can start practicing meditation and mindfulness to improve your mental and physical health in the short and long term. Whether it’s done before or after your day at the office, meditation can help you increase your focus, concentration, and self-awareness while reducing your levels of stress and anxiety. Not sure where to find resources to enhance your mindfulness? Navigate to StreamBU, the BU alumni weekly newsletter, to find live and on-demand videos and audios to help you 澳门永利网页版:cope with stress, 澳门永利网页版:relieve pain, and improve your overall mental health.


There is nothing better than picking up a good book and diving into a whole new world. Long commutes, especially those involving public transportation, are perfect moments to relax, unwind and catch up on some well-deserved reading time. And for those commuting by car, audiobooks can be the perfect stress-free (and hands-free) solution. The BU Library, which is accessible on campus for BU alumni, can always help you find the title you are looking for. And, if you are uncertain of what you’d like to read, check out these Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 澳门永利网页版:must-reads or this roundup of 澳门永利网页版:LGBTQIA+ books created with the input of our alumni.


Caring about your mind and soul is important, but let’s not forget about your physical wellbeing. Whether it’s outside or in a gym setting, working out can help you reduce stress while improving your overall health. Especially after long days of staring at a computer, movement can be the secret to better physical and emotional wellbeing. If you’re in Boston and looking for a new gym membership, FitRec is always available at discounted prices for our alumni. And if you are not in the area or don’t feel comfortable in crowded places, FitRec also offers hundreds of 澳门永利网页版:free on-demand workout videos you can access at home.

Meet new people

Now that social distancing guidelines and mask mandates are slowly starting to get lifted, networking face-to-face is back on the table. Meeting new people and gaining new professional connections can help you gain back those communication skills that might have been long lost during quarantine and boost your self-confidence and self-worth. Though, if you are not feeling comfortable with that yet, you can still grow your network, mentor students, or simply meet new people remotely by joining .

Learn new skills

Raise your hand if you have learned a new skill during quarantine. Although going back to work in person might mean long commutes, uncomfortable shoes, and stricter timelines, your hunger for knowledge (and self-care) shouldn’t stop. Learning new skills and gaining new hobbies, not only forces you to take some well-deserved “me time,” but it also keeps your mind and body more active and engaged. Needless to say, cultivating hobbies lead to improved happiness. Also, more than ever before, the pandemic has shown us how different interests can often lead to career changes and new connections. As a BU alum, for example, you can take advantage of discounted rates when 澳门永利网页版:auditing courses at the Metropolitan College; an excellent way to cultivate new interest and interact with different people.

Improve your diet

Quarantine has turned our eating habits upside down. Some of us have become passionate cooks and other passionate snack eaters. Though, going back to work in person should not be a deal-breaker for either category. Meal prepping, especially for lunches and afternoon snacks, can help you save money and time while improving the quality of your meals. Also, having a balanced, hearty diet can help you improve your mood, energy levels, and work performance. Check out here some fun webinars on how to 澳门永利网页版:improve your diet with healthy recipes, like this delicious 澳门永利网页版:Italian salad.