U-knighting people: Two Terriers and their epic BU love story

It began their senior year of college, at Fuller’s BU Pub of all places.

For most of their time at BU, Julia Budde (CGS’14, CAS’16) and Spencer Hilton (Questrom’16) lived parallel lives. They ran in similar social circles, heard each other’s names in passing, and even traveled to Italy at the same time. Yet, their paths wouldn’t knowingly cross until fall 2015 — their senior year.

Julia knew “that Spencer kid” would be joining her and a friend for lunch, but she didn’t know what to expect from the boy she’d only heard about.

The acapella singer and sorority member needn’t have worried. Spencer turned out to be a kind finance and business student, known for being a part of the BU Tennis Club.

At first glance, Julia and Spencer’s first lunch at the Dahod Alumni Center doesn’t seem outstanding. They ate sandwiches with a mutual friend, talked about school, and headed to class. Coincidentally, Julia and Spencer both had class in CAS. It made sense for them to walk together after lunch that week. And when they met for lunch the week after? They walked together then, too.

For the rest of the fall, they carried on like that. They went to lunch and walked to class. By winter, they were dating.

This winter will mark Julia and Spencer’s 6th year together, and their first as a married couple.

Even after all this time, Julia remembers what drew her to him in the first place: “He is just genuinely the best, most caring person I know.”

Julia, a Massachusetts native, and self-proclaimed Terrier-for-life, estimates that over half of the people who attended their beach wedding this summer were BU alumni.

“Even our photographer and florists were BU alumni! Suffice to say we are two very proud Terriers and will always be grateful that BU brought us together,” Julia said.

Back Row, Left to Right: Mergim Gjombalaj (Pardee’16), Rodrigo Valdes-Contreras (Questrom’16), Mollie Wasser (Questrom’16), Katelyn Richerts (CGS’14, Wheelock’16), Alex Miller (CAS’16) D. Griffin Budde (CAS ’15, GRS ’25), Geoffrey Hodgkins (SAR’16), Caroline Zody (COM’17), James Lynch (CAS’16). Front Row, Left to Right: Talia Nutting (COM’16), Hope Blalock (CAS’15), Spencer Hilton (Questrom ’16), Julia (Budde) Hilton, (CAS ’16), Anabel Kelso (CAS’17), Brooke Wayne (SAR’18), Lauren Jansen, (COM’16), Kara Youle (COM’16).


In the past five years, Julia and Spencer have weathered a long-distance relationship, a move to Missouri, and even a pandemic-postponed wedding.

Today, the couple lives in Massachusetts where they enjoy spending time with their dog, going to the movies, and renovating their first home together.

This year, they are excited to return to the place where it all began during . Said Julia, “We can’t wait to visit The Pub this fall as husband and wife!”