Banner image with title on the right and five college students wearing masks and holding books and backpacks.

Teaching in a mask is not easy! But at this point in the pandemic, we know some things about how to do it well.?

Check out our News and Announcements post on masked teaching at BU and beyond, with quick tips on protecting your voice, engaging students, and choosing the right gear.

Fall 2021 Resources

As you think about your courses and plan for the Fall 2021 semester, check out our guides and resources on teaching in a variety of modalities. Make sure to check back for updates on additional resources. Don’t hesitate to reach out to CTL for to discuss any of these teaching practices.


Graduate Student Teaching Support

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The CTL provides ongoing support and professional development opportunities to graduate student instructors through workshops, coffee hours, and the Graduate Assistant program

Co-hosted by Digital Learning & Innovation (DL&I) and The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL), the Lightning Talks (LT) are a reflection and learning forum where BU faculty and invited guests identify areas of challenge and opportunity and share strategies for engaging educational experiences in the remote-learning environment. See links below to the Lightning Talk Virtual Library, where you will find complete versions of each topical event as well as individual video presentations, and Spring 2021 LT registration and information page.?