Boston University recognizes the commitment of the faculty and staff who dedicated many years of their lives to strengthening the University. In 1989, the Society of Retired Faculty & Staff was formed and approved by then-president John Silber. Led by its own board of directors and working with Human Resources as a liaison with other departments, this organization plans and prepares events that enable University retirees to stay connected with their colleagues and friends—both past and present.

The goal of the society is to foster a continuing relationship between former employees and the University, and to make the University’s resources available to its members so they can continue to be a part of this dynamic and ever-changing institution.

A Message from the President?of the Society of Retired Faculty & Staff

The Boston University Society of Retired Faculty & Staff (BUSRFS) is dedicated to serving the retirees of Boston University. Toward that end, the Society helps retirees keep current about developments on campus, learn about perks and benefits available to them, discover University activities they might enjoy, and gather together at events organized specifically for them and their guests.

In recent years, events and programs organized by the BUSRFS have included our Annual Retiree Luncheon held each May, a small grants program (up to $500 per grant) to help retired faculty & staff pursue personal and professional interests, outings for Red Sox games at Fenway Park, tours of WBUR-FM and the new Joan & Edgar Booth Theatre on Commonwealth Avenue, lectures at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, and pre-production sessions with directors and playwrights at the Boston Playwrights’ Theater. Human Relations provides much appreciated support for all these activities.

Retiree benefits and privileges offered by the University include discounts on BU Parking, Evergreen Courses, and BU Athletic events, as well as access to email privileges, Mugar Library use and borrowing privileges, and participation in Alumni travel programs. A detailed list of retiree benefits and privileges is provided on this web page under “Retiree Perks.”

To keep the retiree community informed about our activities, the Society sends out periodic BUSRFS newsletters (up to four per year) and timely announcements through the electronic system maintained by Alumni Relations. Alumni Relations also distributes two monthly publications to interested retirees: BU for Retirees, a guide to selected upcoming BU events chosen with retirees in mind, and Bostonia Extra, which highlights selected articles from the award-winning Boston University publication Bostonia.

Membership in our society is automatic for employees who were age 55 or older and had 10 or more years of service upon retirement, or who were appointed Professor Emeritus (regardless of their age and years of service).

To take full advantage of the benefits and activities available to retirees, you will need a Boston University retiree ID card, which can be obtained through Human Resources. Please telephone 617-353-2380 to make arrangements to get your card.

If you’re interested in volunteering, would like to suggest programs or activities, or have any questions or concerns, please ensure you’re on the University’s Retiree mailing list and write us at We welcome your thoughts and look forward to hearing from you.

On behalf of the Society, I wish you many fulfilling and rewarding retirement years ahead.


David Berndt