Senior Spring Blog

Written by a Parent & Family Advisory Board member

Congratulations to all the parents and family members of BU’s Class of 2025. I’d like to be among the first to welcome you to the University. As you will learn, your students are about to become part of a diverse and accomplished class, perhaps the most accomplished ever (they say that every year and every year it is true). Let’s just say that it is a great group being assembled and your student is one impressive high school senior! At BU, we are eagerly awaiting their arrival—and yours.

If I might give a little unsolicited parental advice, speaking as the mother of two BU graduates with a total of three BU degrees, now is the time to take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy the product of your many years of labor. Savor this senior spring—the blooming flowers and trees, the vibrant, green lawns, outdoor activities and the surprising lack of pressure that goes with it. It tells you that something has changed. The big decision, so to speak, has been made by your student. Relish the upcoming happenings: graduations, family gatherings, shopping for new outfits, senior photos, maybe the senior prom, even if they are virtual, they should be enjoyed, not rushed. (And go ahead, sneak out and do something for yourself. You deserve a senior spring too.) It was hard work for everyone to get here—take the time to enjoy—you’ll have plenty of time to worry about the next steps this summer.

Another hint, there are only a few things you can do to prepare for the fall right now—no boxes to check (or pack) here! The lists will all come later when you actually need to pack for Boston. So for now, visit the Admitted Student webpage, attend a virtual event, and make sure your student has the admitted student checklist. Most importantly, be on the lookout for your own personal invitation to Parent and Family Orientation.

OK, so there actually are a few things you can do now, but the first order of duty is to enjoy your student’s success and to share in their happiness as the reality of their accomplishments begin to take hold. It is a senior spring for them, and for you!

Congratulations and welcome to the BU family!