Program Learning Outcomes Assessment at Boston University provides faculty a means to ask a fundamental question about the programs they design and teach: by completing a given set of courses and other requirements, do students actually acquire, in the end, the particular knowledge, skills, habits of mind, and attitudes faculty intend? If not—or if not fully enough—what pedagogical and curricular reforms can be undertaken to improve student learning? A similar question can be asked of the co-curricular and extra-curricular programs that contribute so significantly to a well-rounded education at BU.

Program Learning Outcomes Assessment at Boston University is overseen by the Council of Deans. It is coordinated and facilitated by Megan Sullivan, Assistant Provost ad interim for Academic Assessment. University Working Committees, comprised of representatives from the schools and colleges, meet regularly with the Assistant Provost ad interim for Academic Assessment to share information and best practices, and to coordinate the University’s effort.

Megan brings substantial knowledge of academic assessment to the role, as well as significant understanding of Boston University’s myriad programs.??As an Associate Professor of Rhetoric at the College of General Studies, Megan has been actively involved in assessment efforts and has presented nationally on assessment across the disciplines. She is deeply committed to equity-relevant?assessment and to furthering student learning. In her most recent role as Associate Dean for Faculty Research & Development and Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning,?she encouraged faculty development around assessment and solicited articles on graduate and undergraduate assessment for the journal she edited,?Impact: The Journal of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning. During her tenure and in recognition of the College’s commitment to experiential learning and assessment, CGS was awarded the Exemplary Program Award for Co-Curricular General Education Learning from?the?Association for General and Liberal Studies, 2019.? Megan was an original member of the General Education Committee, is co-chair of Boston University’s Inclusive Pedagogy Working Group, and is co-initiative owner of the Inclusive Pedagogy pillar of the University’s strategic plan.

Megan is the author of several books on women in Ireland and children of incarcerated parents. She is currently writing a book-length manuscript titled?Maeve Brennan: the Irish Women Who Transformed Twentieth Century Writing in Ireland and America.

Staff Contacts

Megan Sullivan
Assistant Provost ad interim for Academic Assessment

Emma Zheng
Administrative Coordinator